Affordable carpet cleaning auckland
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$35 Free stain treatment included in both A Clean & B Clean


Hot steam clean using truck mounted machine

affordable carpet cleaning

Any Extra rooms are $40.25 per room. (Semi-Furnished )
Stairs 12 – 14 steps same as one room
$11.50 extra per area for heavily furnished rooms.
Surcharges may apply.

Start Price
$ 132
  • 3 areas of Carpet 40 sqm
1 Bedroom
$ 149
  • 1 bedroom /lounge /dining small hall
2 Bedroom
$ 155
  • 2 bedroom /lounge /dining small hall
3 Bedroom
$ 184
  • 3 bedroom /lounge /dining small hall


Money Saver Option - Portable Unit Clean Up.​

This process is very good for a freshening up carpets.
Any Extra rooms are $34.50 per room. (Semi-Furnished ) Stairs 12 – 14 steps same as one room.
$11.50 extra per area for heavily furnished rooms
Start Price
$ 103
  • 3 areas of Carpet 40 sqm
1 Bedroom
$ 109
  • 1 bedroom /lounge /dining small hall
2 Bedroom
$ 126
  • 2 bedroom /lounge /dining small hall
3 Bedroom
$ 143
  • 3 bedroom /lounge /dining small hall


A Prewash in case of excessively soiled carpets/upholsteries

Any stains that don’t remove with the Prewash will need extra stain treatment, this is priced on-site.
The pre-wash has an additive in it which has more grunt to break down stains or discoloration on carpets and upholstery. It is also good on black marks and a lot of stains.
The pre-wash can remove a lot of different stains as it is a multi-purpose product.
  • Carpet prewash (per room size) $11.50 - $20.25

    $11.50 – $20.25 per room size area to be treated depending on condition.

  • Extra Stain treatment (per stain) $17.25
  • Upholstery $46.00 - $69.00

    For a 5-6 Seat Couch


Upholstery Clean

  • 2 Seater Couch $69.00
  • 3 Seater Couch $86.25 - $103.50
  • Lazy Boy $40.25 - $46.00
  • Single $28.75 - $34.50
  • Dining Chair $11.50 - $17.25


  1. CAUTION- Walking from a wet carpet onto a hard surface can be very slippery! For safety, stay off of recently cleaned carpet for at least 4 hours or until completely dry. Most of the drying  and fiber protection of the carpet takes place in the first 4 hrs.
  2. To avoid stains or rust spots, please do not put any small items such as lamps, tables, chairs, etc., back on the carpet until after 24 hours. Do not remove any pads or blocks our technicians may have placed under furniture until the carpet is completely dry – usually in 48 hours.
  3. Rippling can occur under certain conditions even when carpet is properly installed. Adhesive that holds the backing together can absorb moisture and expand. In most cases, this rippling will disappear within 72 hours.
  4. Note that in some instances, cleaning/treatment of carpets (due to the sudden rise in humidity) can trigger the alarm on Carbon Monoxide Detectors. There is no need for concern.
  5. Some stains are difficult to treat and while every effort is made to treat all stains, we cannot guarantee complete elimination. Urine or other animal stains can remove the color from fibers and such stains cannot be removed. Pet owners should know that an odor may sometimes result from a fungus that is released upon washing.