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We assist landlords, tenants, and property managers in resolving carpet cleaning issues.

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Highly Trained Staff

We have a knowledge of various cleaning products & their capabilities, knowing what works and what doesn’t.

Quality Cleaning Tools

All jobs are done to the highest standard, making sure that you are happy with the work, before the equipment is packed away.

Fast & Effective Service

We take pride in ourselves, and we offer fast reliable, quality service and will do the best we can to get your carpet sparkling.

Carpet Cleaning Auckland

ABC Carpet Cleaning Auckland has been operating throughout the wider Auckland Area for over 15 years.
We are founded on an ethos of service and quality.
We provide exceptional value for money, to our clients, at affordable pricing. That is what we aim for in each and every job we undertake.

We use the best quality products, and eco-friendly cleaning methods, to ensure the safety of you family and pets.
Our most popular clean uses a petrol driven machine, for premium results.
This is what people refer to as, the Steam Cleaning method.
This allows us to penetrate into your carpet fibers, using extreme heat, for deeper cleaning with the best results.
Our Machine will not over wet or shrink your carpet, as it uses very fine jets, and has powerful suction.
Our Carpet Cleaning Machine, leaves your Carpets only touch damp, for faster dry times.
Our machine is also chemical-free for the safest clean.
The New Zealand wool board recommends to  steam clean your carpets annually.
This insures to keep your Carpets, in the best condition possible, and not to allow dirt and debris, to damage your carpet fibers, but to ensure the longest life span, to your carpet for years to come.

We also specialize in Upholstery Cleaning and cleaning Rugs, Mattresses and other fabrics.
And we have a Flood Restoration Service, which includes hiring carpet dryers, and dehumidifiers where needed.

Choose ABC Carpet Cleaning Auckland today, and join a long list of happy clients who get value for money with professional results.

Stain Removal

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