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Carpet Cleaning Pakuranga – East Auckland Carpet Cleaners

Carpet Cleaning Pakuranga

ABC Carpet Cleaning Auckland is proud to offer our Pakuranga clients a reliable, thorough and quality carpet cleaning pakuranga service, that represents great value for money.
Using the efficient, safe, steam cleaning method (also known as the hot water extraction method) we are able to achieve awesome results on a range of carpets.
We also have a range of stain removal options, for areas of  badly discolored or stained carpets.
Save up to 30%  off your carpet cleaning pakuranga job today, new specials out now.

Why Choose a Professional Clean?

Many people feel they don’t need to get their carpets steam cleaned because they regularly vacuum. Vacuuming is indeed an important part of maintaining your carpet, but this is only a physical clean and does not kill the bacteria that resides in your carpet. Hiring a professional steam cleaning service once every 12 months ensures your carpet is truly clean, healthy, and attractive.

Benefits :

There are three major benefits to having your Pakuranga home or business steam cleaned, these include:

Hygiene: A dirty carpet is a potential health hazard. Carpets filter all the dirt and debris that have been brought in from the outside world.
Common things found in carpets include mites, dead skin, hair (pet and human), dirt, grime, chemicals, pollen, food and feces.
The presence of these things in your carpet can trip allergies and cause bacteria to grow, both things with the potential to make your family and colleagues sick.
Steam cleaning removes a lot of this debris, improving the overall hygiene of your indoor environment.

Appearance: A shabby looking carpet means a shabby looking home. Your floors make a huge interior design statement and discolored, greasy looking carpet can really drag down the overall aesthetic appearance of your home. Steam cleaning can revive old dirty carpets and give a lift to the overall décor.

Longevity: Debris deteriorates the fibers in your carpet. Regular cleaning can as much as double the lifespan of your flooring.