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Upholstery Cleaning Auckland

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Professional Upholstery Cleaning Auckland business with over 8 years experience in cleaning upholstery.
I have just about seen it all.
My cleaning techniques with different types of upholstery are very safe.
We use organic, citrus based products which are non toxic insuring a natural cleaning process.

The first procedure in the cleaning process, is to spray a light film of product  to the fabric.
After the product is applied, a soft brush is used to scrub across the high traffic areas of the fabric.
Often the arms and tops of couches, is where a lot of grime builds up over time.
These traffic areas are consistent with a persons seating position.

Before Upholstery Cleaning

We recommended to get  your furniture fabric cleaned as soon as starts to lose its color.
When a Sofa loses its color, it can have a darkened tinge to the fabric.
Fabrics can also fade over time from the suns UV rays.
The only way to prevent this process is to put covers on your upholstery.
The other option which I recommend is to get your couches, lazy boy chairs or furniture upholstery cleaned and protected.
I have a protection coating which can be applied to all fabrics, after they have been cleaned.
The product has been around for many years and has a lifespan of up to 5 years.

Has your upholstery lost its true color due to the discolored or soiled fabric?
I have just the right product on board called a Pre Wash.
The Pre Wash is a color restorer and helps to emulsify the discolored fabric and help to bring those beautiful colored patterns back to life again.
This product is sprayed into the fabric, then a soft brush is used in the upholstery cleaning process.
The upholstery is lightly scrubbed with the brush, to help to loosen stubborn dirt embedded into the fibers.

After the fabric is sprayed with the recommended product, the affected areas are scrubbed, then the upholstery is steamed cleaned.
The steam cleaning rinses and sucks out the debris simultaneously.
I normally get incredible results.

After Upholstery Cleaning Process

I can steam clean almost all types of upholstery.
Some include couches, lazy boy chairs, dining chairs, mattresses, vehicle interiors, boat squabs and much more.
Some of the lounge suites I clean are cotton, micro suede, acrylic, dralon, sofas, and so many more.
All fabrics are different types of material, which means you cannot clean them with the same techniques. Some fabrics don’t like too much water on them, so different upholstery cleaning methods are needed. Some types of materials require less water, otherwise staining may occur.
Cotton fabrics can tend to water stain if not cleaned correctly.

I can assure you with my wealth of knowledge over the last ten years in the Industry, your furniture will be professionally cleaned.
It takes years of learning and knowledge to be able to clean multiple types of upholstery.
It would be a wise decision, to choose an experienced, upholstery cleaning Auckland specialist, to get your job done right.

We have some awesome specials available, so take advantage of these great cleaning rates while they last.
Call us today, to schedule in your professional Upholstery Cleaning Auckland Technician, who can come out to clean your furniture to get it looking and smelling great again.
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