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Carpet Stains

ABC Carpet Cleaning




What I refer To as Soiled Carpets, are carpets with high traffic areas. Normally they are darkened areas of carpet, or visibly Soiled or areas of Carpet. Normally you will notice this around furniture where the carpet is more soiled or darkened. We have a Stronger Product on board which we can use which is called A Heavy Duty Commercial Pres-pray. This can be applied to the areas that are soiled or darkened. Please Ring for further info on price as it depends on the condition to how much extra cost.


These marks are generally like dots on the carpet possibly from food or drinks. We Can Spot these carpet stains as we are steam cleaning each area of carpet, with A Grease Release product or Dilute a bottle of  Heavy Duty Pres-pray. In some cases these dots can be every where, and it may be more practical to spray the whole room with A Heavy Duty Pres-pray which will help to remove these stains. Please Ring for further information. We should be able to give an approx estimate over the Phone. Shoe Polish Carpet Stains we normally use a Grease Release on.

Tea & Coffee Stains

These carpet stains are normally brown stains sometimes darker or a tinge of brown. We Treat these stains first with a normal Pres-pray. If it doesn’t remove,A Heavy Duty Commercial Spotter is used, if the first two procedures have not worked ,then the last resort Is treated with a Tea or Coffee Remover for Best Results. There are a lot of  different stains, if this has not helped you, you can ring my  personal mobile,on  027 507 1517.

Food-Coloring Drinks

Fanta, Coke, Ice Blocks Raspberry Drink, also Wine Or some other Alcohol Drinks. Anything that has an artificial Food Coloring Dye, we can treat using A Dye Removing Product. These kind of drinks have Food Coloring Dyes in them. If our other procedures of cleaning cannot remove these stains, then we can treat them with a Dye Removing Product. Every stain reacts differently. The Key is normally to treat or clean the stain A.S.A.P. for a  better result. Normally the longer The stain the Harder to be removed.